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Best Real Estate Themes in WordPress

If you’re a realtor and have a website to be customized accordingly, then you need a real estate theme for your website! There are dozens of estate themes available in WordPress. Simply pick one of them and build an organized website for your realtor business. In this article, I’ll try to help you with this […]


Top 10 Animal Themes for WordPress

Planning to create an animal-related website? One of the most important and chief things you need to start the creation is selecting a proper theme for your site. A carefully selected theme can magically help you to get more visitors and promote your site. I can surely say that the look is maybe the most […]


WordPress Plugins’ Activation and Deactivation

So, WordPress plugins are pieces of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site. Before Activating or Deactivating a plugin, you’d better install them.) After the installation is done, follow the steps to Activate WordPress Plugins: 1. Log in to your WordPress control panel (, where is […]


Best Blog Themes in WordPress

Blogs are changing people’s lives every day. There are blogs through personal stories, building resources for others or using a blog to generate some extra money on the side. When it comes to starting a blog of your own you should take in count many different attributes. Important attribute is your blog theme. I’ll give […]


Best Family Themes in WordPress from Template Monster

That’s not an easy task to select a perfect theme (template) for your Family blog. So, in this article, I’ve highlighted the best ones (in my opinion)! You can find babysitter templates, WordPress family tree themes, newborn templates – the premium quality themes that exhibit everything you need to set up a fully-functional blog. You […]


How to write a Privacy Policy for your WordPress website?

What’s Privacy Policy? A privacy policy is a document that explains how an organization handles any customer, client or employee information that’s gathered in its operations. It’s not something to pass over. Your business must follow the policy by implementing necessary security measures to protect your customers’ data. It declares a party’s policy on how […]

4. What are WordPress plugins

What are WordPress Plugins?

Let me explain the nature and the usage of plugins in general. Plugins are programs that can easily be installed and used as part of your Web browser. It’s a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. By the help of plugins you can extend […]

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Sticky posts in WordPress. How to make them?

Sticky Posts is a feature that’s introduced with WordPress Version 2.7. That’s a check box included on the Administration> Posts > Add New Screen. If you check it, the post will be placed at the top of the front page of posts, keeping it there until new posts are published. Just note that this feature […]

125. How to create an Archive Index in WordPress

How to Create an Archive Index in WordPress?

You need to create it as a Page, and assign it a special template to set up a separate archive index . You should start off with a simple template called archive.php, stored in your theme’s directory. The WordPress D    efault Theme includes such a template, and it makes a great starting point. Something like this […]