Providing Support In WordPress

No matter if your product is an open-source script, a Web application or a downloadable product, you should provide some form of technical support. Support is a key factor in the success of your product/service. Users love and appreciate responsive support. You should use what you learn from users to improve your product/service. Support one of the most important key selling points. It […]


Using Images In WordPress

Adding images in WordPress is fairly easy. All of your images will be stored and may be managed in the Media Library, but there are several different paths to get there. The most common one is adding an image directly to a post or page. This way the image automatically saves t in the Media Library and displays the image wherever […]

Admin color schemes for WordPress

Admin Color Schemes For WordPress. How To Change Them?

WordPress 3.8 presented a completely new WordPress dashboard design. The new design is very responsive, modern, and beautiful. Anyway, there are users who did not like the dark color scheme. By default WordPress comes with 8 different admin color schemes. In this article, I will show you the way to change the admin color scheme […]


Can’t Install/Upgrade Plugins In WordPress

    This is really a commonly asked question! As we know, there are multiple “add-on” scripts and programs for WordPress called Plugins they add more capabilities, choices, and options to your WordPress site. WordPress Plugins do many useful things, like customizing the results of your site information, adding weather reports, adding spell check capability, […]

70. WordPress trademark usage policy. Some rules you need to know.

WordPress Trademark Usage Policy. Some Rules You Need To Know

You want to use the WordPress or WordCamp name or logo as part of any project, product, service, domain or company name? You need a permission from the WordPress Foundation! They will grant permission to use the WordPress name and logo for projects that meet the following criteria: If the primary purpose of your project […]

75. What are Gravatars How to disable them

What Are Gravatars? How To Disable Them?

When browsing different web sites, you can notice that many users have a picture next to their name. Those pictures are called “avatars.” WordPress, anyways, uses a specific type of avatar called “Gravatars”, that’s short for “Globally Recognized Avatar.” Unlike usual avatars, Gravatars follow you around the web and automatically appear when you post a […]

59. Build up your personal brand using WordPress.

Build Up Your Personal Brand Using WordPress

You already know about WordPress flexibility and the huge usefulness of it. You can do whatever you want, from creating a page to getting it prepared with all the different options and features to make it better and more organized. So, it probably won’t surprise you, that you can build up your own, personal brand […]

69. How to convert images without losing their quality

How To Convert Images Without Losing Their Quality?

It’s a fact that not all graphic software packages allow you to resize images, though most should. You should check your graphics software table of contents or index for resize, size, transform, reduce, or enlarge, all synonyms for the for the same thing. If they don’t have that feature, you may have to find different […]

Line Spacing In WordPress

One of WordPress most useful options is Line spacing. You can easily add extra blank line spaces in most Word processors. You just have to press the “ENTER” key a few times. If you’re a professional, then you can change the formatting to create double spaced line after paragraphs, increase line spacing, etc. It’s important […]