Month: June 2016

Admin Theme Plugins

WordPress’ flexibility lets for almost every part of it to be easily changed. Creating a custom WordPress Admin Panel Theme is no different. There are essentially two ways of making a WordPress Admin theme: with a Plugin or by simply changing the CSS. The Plugin method is the easiest of the two […]

Developer Features In WordPress

For developers, there are lots of goodies packed under the hood that you can use to extend WordPress in whatever direction takes your fancy. Plugin System You can  create plugins to extend WordPress with the help of the WordPress APIs. Its extensibility lies in the thousands of hooks at your disposal. Once you’ve created your […]

How To Build a CSS Framework?

There are several possible ways for building a framework, but the most common and possibly the most useful one is to abstract your common CSS into individual stylesheets each of which cover a particular part of the whole. For instance, you may have a stylesheet that sets up the typography and another that handles the […]

What Are Actions In WordPress?

So, let’s see what actions are. Actions describe the process to be performed on particular Media. There are two styles of Actions, Bulk Actions and Immediate Actions. Actions styles: Bulk Actions – These Actions may be performed on one, or more Media, at one time, if they have been previously selected. These actions are […]

Absolute Path In WordPress

The absolute path is the location of a directory or file in a computer that contains the root directory as well as all other sub directories which contain the file or directory. Let’s see where the paths are actually used. They are greatly used in operating systems to represent file and directory relationships. […]

What’s Open Source Software?

You probably know that WordPress is an “Open source project”. So, what’s open source? Let’s see.) The term “open source” itself refers to something that maybe modified and shared as its design is publicly accessible. It originated in the context of computer software development, but now the term “open source” designates a […]