WordPress Shortcode Plugins

It’s known that shortcodes provide an easy way to add custom content to your site. No matter if you want to add tabs to a page or buttons to a post, shortcodes let you quickly insert elements you regularly use. WordPress introduced the shortcode API six years ago. Many themes and plugins use shortcodes to let users customize […]

How To Keep Your Data Safe? The best Backup Plugin In WordPress

Database Your WordPress database contains every post, every comment and every link you have on your blog and if your database gets erased or corrupted, you may lose everything you have written. This may happen for many different reasons and they could be things you can’t control. That’s why it’s good to have a proper backup of your WordPress database […]

215. Internationalization in WordPress

Internationalization In WordPress

So, let’s see what’s Internationalization. It is the process of developing your theme, so it can easily be translated into other languages. Internationalization is often abbreviated as i18n (since there are 18 letters between the i and the n). Translation WordPress is used all over the world, and it’s great to prepare WordPress themes so that […]

Duplicate Plugins In WordPress

There can be many different reasons why you might find yourself cloning a WordPress website. You may be moving from local development to production server or vice-versa; you may be setting up a testing environment or staging server online. Or maybe you’re migrating your site to a different provider, or need a copy for a similar project. Anyway, […]

166.  How do child themes work in WordPresss

How Do Child Themes Work In WordPress?

A child theme is a theme which inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. These themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme. In this short article, I’m going to tell you in brief how child themes work in WordPress. The first step in creating a child theme is […]

220. Administration screens in WordPress

Administration Screens In WordPress

The Admin Screen provides access to the control features of your WordPress installation. Each Admin Screen is presented in sections; the toolbar (and header), the main navigation, the work area, and the footer. Formerly known as the Admin Bar, the Toolbar has links to various administration functions. It is displayed at the top of each Administration Screen. […]

What You See Is What You Get

WYSIWYG implies a user interface which allows the user to view something very similar to the end result while the document is being created. Actually WYSIWYG implies the ability to directly manipulate the layout of a document without having to type or remember names of layout commands. The actual meaning depends on the user’s perspective, for example: In presentation […]

188. How to optimize your homepage to load quickly

How To Optimize Your Homepage To Load Quickly?

WordPress is an awesome platform. There’s only one lack it has, it can be quite slow. If you don’t take the right precautions, you could end up with a sluggish site. That’s not only a hassle for repeat visitors. It can also cause you to lose subscribers and customers. When a person lands on your site for the first time, you […]


Wedding Themes For Your Website!

You’re organizing weddings? You got a good staff. You have enough skills and imagination. Well, you need an awesome website to represent yourself! It should be very attractive and eye-catching. That’s why you’ll be needing a theme, to make things easier and well-organized! WordPress is there to help you out with this, as always.) It comes with […]