Month: October 2016

Have Your Input In WordPress!

WordPress is a user-driven project, and all developments and enhancements depend on users like you! Contributions from users like you keep the project vibrant. They keep it alive and progressive. Whether you’re a budding developer, a pixel-perfect designer, or just like helping out, you can help make WordPress even better. All […]

Managing Plugins In WordPress

As you already know, WordPress Plugins are composed of PHP scripts that extend the functionality of WordPress. They suggest new additions to your blog that either enhance features that were already available or add otherwise unavailable new features to your site. Most WordPress users don’t require Plugins. They only require a few, […]

Styling For Print In WordPress

In WordPress you can easily style your WordPress site with Themes. Many of them are tested thoroughly on different computers and browsers before being released. They are designed for the screen. Some people still like to print out web pages and read them at their leisure, so you should  design your WordPress […]

WordPress Site Maintenance

To keep WordPress working as the finely honed machine as it is, there is some site maintenance we recommend you do frequently. You should start with creating a calendar of WordPress Maintenance procedures to remind yourself to get a lube job on your WordPress site on a regular basis. WordPress is quickly growing […]