CAPTCHA Plugins in WordPress

CAPTCHA  (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) is a type of challenge-response test. It’s used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. This user identification procedure has received many criticisms, especially from disabled people. But it also received complaints from other people who feel that their everyday […]


How can WordPress be Helpful for Your Business?

WordPress can help you run your business and make it more attractive and efficient. Besides, you don’t have to be a professional programmer to use WordPress. It’s very easy to use and is very responsive! To use it you will just be needing an Internet connection and a computer, of course! You can build up […]

1. Writing a Plugin in Wordpress

Writing a Plugin in WordPress

WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and improvement of a WordPress site. Instead of changing the core programming of WordPress, you can just add functionality with WordPress Plugins. Here is a basic definition of a WordPress Plugin: It is a program, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, […]


Ajax Usage in WordPress

Info provider AJAX is a JavaScript based technology which allows a web page to get new information and present itself without refreshing the page. AJAX aims to make the web page more responsive and interactive from the user’s point of view. Usually you should refresh a web page to view new information. For instance, when […]


Pages in WordPress

In WordPress, you can write Posts or Pages. When you’re writing a simple blog entry, you write a post. Posts usually appear in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home page. Pages are for content like “About,” “Contact,” etc. They live outside the normal blog chronology, and are often used to present timeless information about […]


Some Possible Solutions for Login Trouble

Here are some possible solutions if you have troubles logging in to your WordPress Admin Panel. You should enable cookies. To make sure that cookies are enabled for your browser, you need to: Clear your browser cookies. Clear your browser cache. Also, you may need to do the following: Check your wp-config.php file. Verify the […]


How to Upgrade Website’s Theme to the Latest Version?

The most important thing we should tell you is that you should backup your current site, especially if you’ve made customizations code wise before updating anything. First, updates should be performed on a test environment, not immediately on a live production site. Upgrading the theme of your website to the latest version is very recommended, […]


Writing Codes in WordPress Posts

Whether you create plugins or hacks for WordPress, or you want to add pieces of code about your own WordPress site or other programming code like HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript, putting code in your post that actually looks like code, but doesn’t behave like code, is a chronic challenge for bloggers. In the WordPress […]

31. Solve your web page design problems

Solve Your Web Page Design Problems

Sometimes it can be very annoying to figure out what’s wrong with your Web design can be very frustrating. It can be very difficult or impossible to fix some things. But if you are systematic about your analysis, you can find the problem and solve it more quickly. First  thing you should do if you […]

34. Debugging PHP code in WordPress.

Debugging PHP Code in WordPress

PHP code debugging is part of any project, but WordPress comes with specific debug systems that are designed to simplify the process as well as standardize code across the core, plugins and themes. This page describes different debugging tools in WordPress and how to be more productive in your coding and increasing the overall quality […]