Audio Files and Playlists in WordPress

66. Audio files and playlists in WordPress.

Among so many features and capabilities of WordPress you can add one more point to the list, WordPress gives you opportunity to add audio files to your pages.

HTML5 audio tag

This is to embed audio files WordPress uses . It is compatible with most modern devices and it especially works well for mobile devices. It supports MP3, OGG, and WAV file formats.


The most commonly used and widely supported format for audio files is MP3, and its usage is highly recommended.

It’s very easy to add Audio files to a page in WordPress. You just need to go to the “Posts” section, choose a post (or create a new one), on the left corner at the top, you’ll see “Add Media” option. Click on the upload file button to select and upload your audio file. Once it’s uploaded, you should click on insert into post button. WordPress will insert your audio file in the post. If you are using the visual post editor, then you will see the file embedded into your post. If you are using the text editor, you’ll see the audio shortcode.

You may continue editing your post, or save and publish it. When you publish it, you can preview your post where you will see your audio file embedded.

Easy way

There’s an easier way to add a single audio file is to upload the file to the media library. After that just copy the file URL and paste it in the visual editor.

WordPress automatically embeds the URL for you. This is very much like the way you embed videos in WordPress where you just paste the URL of a YouTube video and WordPress automatically embeds it.

You can also add audio playlists to your WordPress posts using the media uploader, just like image galleries. Just click on the add media button to upload your audio files.

After uploading your audio files, select the files you need to include in the playlist and then click on create new playlist link in the left hand column.

After you can drag and drop to rearrange songs in the playlist. You may also enable the display of track name, artist name, and image. This information will be embedded with your MP3 files’ IDT meta tags and is automatically displayed by WordPress.

At the end, just click on the insert audio playlist button. Your playlist will be added to your post, and you can see it in visual editor. You will be able to save your post and preview your playlist.

This much, guys! Hope this article can help you in creating playlists in WordPress.

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