Best Car Themes For WordPress

You’re building a car dealer or vehicle listings website? Then the WordPress car themes in this collection can help you do so quickly and easily. These themes are packed with useful features. Features that won’t only allow you to list the automobiles you have for sale, but they will also give your visitors the opportunity to do so too.

1 . Automotive


This theme from Gorilla Themes allows you to build a premium online car dealership. It not only takes care of the design and appearance of the site, but also adds a lot of useful features to make your website more professional and easier to use and manage. Some of these great features include the ability to batch import the vehicle listings via a CSV for XML file. This feature can allow you to quickly set up a site displaying all the items in your inventory.

2 . Motors


This theme gives you three different modes to choose between. It includes the default mode, which is perfect for creating a car dealership website with WordPress. Another option may help you build a directory and listings website to sell automobile-related products and services from. There’s also a car repair service mode. This will give you the ability to quickly set up a website to promote this type of business online. No matter which mode you choose, you can quickly and easily import the demo content into your WordPress website. After you can proceed to customizing the theme and adding your own content. The theme includes a drag and drop builder tool for creating custom page layouts.



This theme includes all the features you would expect, and some you might not, from a WordPress theme. It has been created to help you build a fully functioning auto dealership website to list and sell cars online. Out of the box, this theme comes with all the premium features often found in the best WordPress themes. It includes a range of custom widgets for displaying your latest content in the sidebars and other widgetized areas of your website. A fully responsive design to cater for mobile users shopping for a car on their smartphone or tablet. Lots of customization options.

4 . AutoTrader


This is a stunning, responsive auto WordPress theme excellent for an online vehicle marketplace or an auto motor magazine or blog. This great looking app theme has everything you need to list and catalog vehicles using WordPress. Thanks to the use of advanced WordPress features like custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomies, you can easily capture all the data about the cars and other vehicles listed on your site. Anyway, despite making use of these advanced features, using the theme is surprisingly simple.

5 . Autos Pro


This theme includes all the features you might ever need or want when it comes to building a car dealer or vehicle listings website with WordPress. Once this theme is installed, your new WordPress site will become fully responsive for use on multiple screen sizes, as well as being packed with features for showcasing motor vehicles. The theme allows you to create a virtual showroom where you may enable your site visitors to view your offerings in one easy to navigate place.

6 . Car Dealer


This is a feature-packed automobile WordPress theme from PremiumPress. Although the focus is greatly on cars and other vehicles. This theme can be used in a number of ways and in for a number or purposes within that area. The options for using this theme includes making a traditional car dealer website, where showcasing the different vehicles on offer is the main priority. Through to creating a classifieds website for selling cars from a number of sources including your visitors. It could even be used by a collector to show off their cars. Or it could be used to create an attractive motoring blog.

7 . OpenDoor


This is another theme which can be used for either building a real estate or car dealership website. The theme has two modes, one for each type of site. So you must first define which type of site you are building before getting access to all the relevant features. The homepage of any site created with this theme may feature a large slider for showcasing multiple listings in a single area of the page. Anyway, this element is entirely optional and for those who are not fans of sliders, it can be easily disabled.

8 . WP Pro Automotive 2


This is a hot off the press, newly released WordPress theme from a ThemeForest elite author for building auto-related websites. It’s a flexible theme that can be put to great use either listings the cars and other vehicles from a single dealership. Or it can be for creating an AutoTrader style website where users can submit their own listings. Agents may even create their own profiles on the site, which include their contact details, and quick links to all their published listings.

9 . Radial


This WordPress theme from Orange Themes combines a great looking design with some features. Anyone selling or promoting cars and other vehicles online will appreciate. The theme has also racked up a decent number of sales and has a positive customer rating from those who have purchased it. This theme also includes a content slider for allowing you to display much more information on a page than you would be able to do otherwise.

10 . Automotive Ace


This is a modern car dealer theme with an up-to-date look that will suit any website hoping to portray a contemporary image to its visitors and potential customers. This car dealer template from Mojo Themes includes a full-width responsive design. So it can be used on a wide range of screen sizes and browsers.

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