Best Christmas Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Is your website ready for the winter holidays?  In this article I’ll provide a list of the best Christmas plugins you may need for your website!

1 . Christmas Countdown Widget


With this widget, you can show on your sidebar with an adorable Santa. You can set a countdown to Christmas day and displaying a Merry Christmas greeting to your visitors. The background is transparent and it will fit any theme ideally. The theme updates automatically each year and you can leave it there all year long if you wish.

2 . My-Christmas-Calendar


You can display a beautiful calendar on any WordPress post with one simple shortcode. You’ll be able to adjust width, height as well as border and border color. You can make the calendar fit your layout flawlessly.

3 . Christmas Ball on Branch


This one is a very simple plugin. It adds a beautiful “Christmas bauble on a branch” animated image on a corner of your website.

4 . Christmas Lights


You can add pretty, colorful Christmas lights with this tool to the top of your website. This will give it a festive and joyful feel.

5 . Merry Christmas Everyone


This one will turn your website to into a fun, joyful place everyone is going to love. You can choose between two super cute Santa, and he will be falling, sliding, flying all over your page along with colorful balloons. He will follow the cursors of your visitors and landing on random titles on your page.

6 . Tribulant Snow Storm


With this plugin snow falling effects will be added to your website, creating an interesting effect. The setup is super fast and easy.

Hope you liked the list, guys! 😉

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