Best Jewelry Themes in WordPress

Jewelry has always been used to enhance beauty of the wearer. Rubies and emeralds, gold, silver, as well as malachite, and diamonds are the most valuable accessories in any wardrobe. Jewelry has a timeless quality that will never go away. Almost every city and a small town on the planet has some kind of a jewelry store, and the online world is catching up. Are you fond of jewelry? You’re thinking about starting a jewelry website? Here are 5 gorgeous WordPress themes to help you with this! 😉



This is a visually stunning and put together, also well-crafted and technologically seamless, as well as modern and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. It’s a true multipurpose, a veritable powerhouse of a theme. It can lend itself as a platform for all sorts of diverse website projects and applications across a huge range of industries and fields. Among these, this theme is uniquely well qualified for servicing the needs of jewelry shops, as well as online jewelry retailers, artisanal jewelers and all related crafts and business endeavors.

The theme has convenient online shop page templates. It powers the industry standard WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite. That’s a ready-made and visually integrated with the rest of your website to form a seamless, stylish whole, just waiting for you to add your product catalog.

2 . Aurum


This is a simplistic WordPress theme that can facilitate the creation of an impressive eCommerce site. This product focuses on the user’s attention on what is truly important, your offers. It is free of distractions or unnecessary screen elements. Its efficient and simple design translates well to other devices, even those with smaller screens. This theme will work great on any platform. Site administrators will also benefit from this fully responsive layout, given that they will be able to update content on the fly.

There are several site variations to choose from, and you can also design your own gorgeous skin via the Skin Builder.

3 . FAB!


This is a modern, top-quality WordPress theme for jewelry websites. It provides you with a stable and professional medium from which your products can be sold. This theme incorporates PagePress. You will be able to control any site element, and tweak all settings. The most amazing thing is that you do not have to be an expert web developer in order to run a successful commercial site. Multiple widgets are included, along with free website and shop demos. You can install it in just a few minutes.

It has a limitless palette of color customization options. The theme code is very well-written. Site loading speeds are lightning-fast. Search engines will find it easy to locate and display your page.

4 . The Luxury


This is a modern, streamlined theme for WordPress. It can fit a variety of roles, but its main purpose is to enhance online commercial websites. It can showcase products like bags, watches, cars, as well as jewelry, and even yachts. Every single item and offer is listed, and linked with the WooCommerce system. To encourage more purchases, an add-to-cart function is incorporated directly into the product list.

Site administrators can design amazing product slides. Even more, they can showcase promotions and offers via the Master Slider.



This one is an incredible eCommerce theme for WordPress. It has massive roster of practical features. So it lets users design excellent online stores. With this theme, both your view count and your profit margin will surely improve. You can have a live preview!

Users will gain access to 12 distinct Home Page variations. This provides more diversity and customization among its pages.

This much, guys! Hope you’ll pick up one of these great themes for your jewelry website! 😉

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