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Have you noticed navigational bars on the websites you visit? You visit a site, and go through the pages/posts and you see the path you have gone through until the final page/post you are in. So, this navigation bar is called Breadcrumbs. 🙂

There are many such navigational plugins available in WordPress. You can pick up any of them, Free or Paid versions, any type you wish!

Breadcrumbs Builder

In this article I’m going to introduce you one of such plugins, Breadcrumbs Builder. This is a very useful tool to make the navigation on your site much easier and comfortable. You can build a Breadcrumb bar with this plugin and add it to your website. So, you can see the order of the pages/posts you have gone through to the last visited one.

10 Themes available in this plugin!

You can change the look of your Breadcrumbs bar selecting any of the 10 Themes available.


Easy usage without shortcodes

This option is the best way to select the position of the breadcrumbs bar on your pages. You can select several positions on the page, without shortcodes!


Additional Shortcode Options

Besides the cool option “Position on the page”, with which you can easily place the breadcrumb bar whenever you wish on the page, there’s another way to do that. You can insert additional breadcrumb bar on each page separately, via shortcode. Just go to the page and click “Insert shortcode”.


Color custmizations

You can customize the main and hover colors of your Breadcrumb bar.


Plus to all of the mentioned options, there are way more customization options concerning the look of the bar and the position on the page.

One of the most important things I like about all plugins is the Support quality. This plugin support is really high quality, guys!

Here’s the link to the plugin, if it interested you: Breadcrumbs Builder.

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