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This is really a commonly asked question!

As we know, there are multiple “add-on” scripts and programs for WordPress called Plugins they add more capabilities, choices, and options to your WordPress site. WordPress Plugins do many useful things, like customizing the results of your site information, adding weather reports, adding spell check capability, and presenting custom lists of posts and acronyms.

WordPress is very easy to use, has clear instructions and is very responsive and in case troubles arise, if something is confusing, if things aren’t working, you don’t have to despair because WordPress is also very supportive. There are literally hundreds of volunteers that are there to help you with any issue you got concerning WordPress.

WordPress provides one more cool help option besides the WordPress Forum, there is also a live chat help on the IRC network, where you can seek WordPress related help, or just hang out with fellow WordPress users. This page aims to be a quick rundown of what IRC is, and how to log in to the #wordpress channel. For more answers to questions about how to use the #wordpress channel, see WordPress IRC Live Help.

To manage your Plugins there’s the Plugins Screen.

Management of Plugins involves activating, deactivating, updating, editing, and deleting Plugins that are installed.

Visit the Plugins Add New Screen to install new plugins by clicking Add New link at the top of the screen or Select Plugins > Add New from left side menu. Once a plugin has been installed, you may activate it.

Normally the Plugin installation is a straight-forward process. In most cases it is enough to upload the plugin under the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory for the WordPress installation and activate it from the administrator backend.

Hosted plugin

If a Plugin is hosted at the WordPress Plugins Directory Upgrade notices will be displayed, when appropriate, for a given Plugin. If the Plugin is hosted somewhere else, such as the Plugin author’s site, it is necessary that you check for available updates for those Plugins!

When a Plugin has an upgrade available, under each Plugin row in the Table, a message similar to this will display:

There is a new version of WordPress Database Backup available. View version 2.2.1 Details or upgrade automatically.

View Details – Click to see a description of the Plugin details and then click the Install Now button to begin the upgrade.

Upgrade Automatically – Click this to begin the upgrade. WordPress Version 4.2 introduced Shiny Plugin Updates to update in place it. Prior to Version 4.2, a screen with messages similar to this will display:

Downloading update from

Then follow the steps:

  • Unpack the update
  • Install the latest version
  • Remove the old version of the plugin
  • Plugin upgraded successfully
  • Plugin reactivated successfully.

Let’s see some of problems because of which you can’t update or install a plugin in WordPress.

There may be memory limitation that causes the installation, failure notice is usually caused by the PHP memory limit. On your web hosting, there are settings inside WordPress that define the memory limit a PHP process can use. When a process reaches this limit, sometimes it gets killed and other times it gives an error like this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted

To fix this problem immediately you should increase memory limit the PHP can use. To do that just add this line to your wp-config.php file: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

Another reason may be if you’re not an administrator in WordPress. Since only an administrator level user has the access to add or remove plugins. If you are the owner of the site, then you need to ask your developer to make that happen.

Hope this article was helpful!

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