Great News for Popup Builder Lovers!

I have introduced you the Popup Builder plugin in my previous articles. But a lot has changed since then guys! And, when I say a lot of changes, I mean a lot of great changes! 🙂 Popup Builder is continuously improving its service. It’s developing to get more features and add more cool options. This […]

HTML and XHTML in WordPress.

HTML and XHTML in WordPress

WordPress is based on documents written in the XHTML scripting language. XHTML 1.0  became a W3C recommendation in the year 2000. They intended to serve it as an interim technology until XHTML 2.0 could be finalized. Anyay, even eight years later XHTML 2.0 still isn’t finished. So this article uses the phrase XHTML to refer to […]

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Easily Embed Content into your WordPress Site

In WordPress  it’s extremely easy to embed videos, images, tweets, audio, and other content into your site. In order to embed a video or another object into a post or a page, you should place its URL into the content area. Just ensure that the URL is on its own line and is not hyperlinked. […]


Post Widgets in WordPress

WordPress Widgets help you add content and features to your Sidebars. Examples are the default widgets that come with WordPress; for Categories, Tag cloud, Search, etc. Plugins often add their own widgets. Widgets were originally designed to provide a simple and easy-to-use way to give design and structure control of the WordPress Theme to the […]

CSS Coding Standards in WordPress.

CSS Coding Standards in WordPress

As any coding standard, the purpose of the WordPress CSS Coding Standards is to create a baseline for collaboration and review within various aspects of the WordPress open source project and community, from core code to themes to plugins. Files within a project must appear as though created by a single entity. Above anything else, […]

121. Subversion in WordPress.

Subversion in WordPress

WordPress uses Subversion for code version control. Most WordPress users will never want to use Subversion. They will only install the released versions of WordPress. Anyway, developers of plugins and themes may want to test their software against the latest development version of WordPress. People interested in Contributing to WordPress by testing or fixing bugs […]

50. Why optimize WordPress and my server

Why Optimize WordPress and My Server?

No matter if you run a high traffic WordPress installation or a small blog on a low cost shared host, you should optimize WordPress and your server to run as efficiently as possible. The optimization techniques that are available to you depend on your hosting setup. Shared Hosting is the most common type of hosting. […]

39. JavaScript in WordPress.

JavaScript in WordPress

JavaScript does work in WordPress. It can be used in WordPress template files in WordPress Themes or Child Themes. JavaScript can’t be added to post content without a special WordPress Plugin which removes the filters that prevent unwanted code within the post content area, for the protection of the user. The safe and recommended method […]

65. Why do I have to periodically update my WordPress version

Why Do I Have To Periodically Update My WordPress Version?

It’s necessary that you always update WordPress to the latest version. When a new version of WordPress is available you receive an update message in your WordPress Admin Screens. To update WordPress, just click the link in this message. There are two ways for updating – the easiest is the one-click update, which works for […]


Templates in WordPress

Templates are the files that control how your WordPress site will look on the Web. These files provide information from your WordPress MySQL database and generate the HTML code which they send to the web browser. WordPress allows you to define as few or as many Templates as you like all under one Theme, through its […]