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Best Real Estate Themes in WordPress

If you’re a realtor and have a website to be customized accordingly, then you need a real estate theme for your website! There are dozens of estate themes available in WordPress. Simply pick one of them and build an organized website for your realtor business. In this article, I’ll try to help you with this […]


Top 10 Animal Themes for WordPress

Planning to create an animal-related website? One of the most important and chief things you need to start the creation is selecting a proper theme for your site. A carefully selected theme can magically help you to get more visitors and promote your site. I can surely say that the look is maybe the most […]


Best Blog Themes in WordPress

Blogs are changing people’s lives every day. There are blogs through personal stories, building resources for others or using a blog to generate some extra money on the side. When it comes to starting a blog of your own you should take in count many different attributes. Important attribute is your blog theme. I’ll give […]


How to Upgrade Website’s Theme to the Latest Version?

The most important thing we should tell you is that you should backup your current site, especially if you’ve made customizations code wise before updating anything. First, updates should be performed on a test environment, not immediately on a live production site. Upgrading the theme of your website to the latest version is very recommended, […]


WordPress themes on your site. Switching them properly

It’s very easy to switch the WordPress Theme on your site. Changing the appearance of your whole website is a huge step. That’s the reason why you should create a complete backup of your site before making any changes. After you have created a complete backup of your website, you need to follow these some steps […]


Creating a WordPress Admin Theme is so Easy!

WordPress  flexibility makes it easy to change almost every part of it, if needed. Creating a custom WordPress Admin Panel Theme is not an exception. There are two main ways to make a WordPress Admin theme: with the help of a Plugin or by simply changing the CSS. The Plugin method is the easiest of […]


Best Christmas Themes for WordPress!

Christmas magic is coming soon! 🙂 I’m sure you’re preparing to the greatest holiday of the year, too! You need to design your website for Christmas, I’ll help you with that! Just check out these wonderful Christmas themes I’ve picked up for you, guys! 😉 1 . Xmas This premium WordPress theme is soaked in festivities […]


Best Sports Themes for WordPress

One great sports saying says: “Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.” In this article, I’ll provide a list of the best sports themes for WordPress. So just pick up the best you like and make an excellent sports website! 1 . WP Soccer This  is a modern and premium WordPress theme for team sport fans. It has all the […]

Best vCard Themes for WordPress

You’re a businessman, artist, designer, etc., and need a vCard theme for your website? I’ll help you with that! 😉 In the following post I’ve listed the best vCard themes that are specially designed to showcase your resume/CV and portfolio. I’ve highlighted the best qualified, functional and beautifully designed themes. 1 . FatMoon This is a […]

Best Jewelry Themes in WordPress

Jewelry has always been used to enhance beauty of the wearer. Rubies and emeralds, gold, silver, as well as malachite, and diamonds are the most valuable accessories in any wardrobe. Jewelry has a timeless quality that will never go away. Almost every city and a small town on the planet has some kind of a jewelry store, and the online world is catching […]