165. What are Theme frameworks and how do they work

What Are Theme Frameworks And How Do They Work?

Let’s see what are theme frameworks in general and what’s their functionality. So, first we should note that frameworks are for theme developers. They include a set of standards for theme developers to use in creating their own themes. They’re a set of functions/features that are created to aid development. Frameworks are packaged within a single folder. Developers drop […]


The Most Creative Themes For WordPress

A creative WordPress theme is something unique in its design. It’s very important that these creative designs should include some helpful tools and features to assist creative people in reaching their audience. In this article I have collected 10 of the most creative design themes for you, that are also full of great features. So check them out! 1 . VERTEX […]

Best Car Themes For WordPress

You’re building a car dealer or vehicle listings website? Then the WordPress car themes in this collection can help you do so quickly and easily. These themes are packed with useful features. Features that won’t only allow you to list the automobiles you have for sale, but they will also give your visitors the opportunity to do so […]

Best Culinary Themes For WordPress

Culinary blogging has become a popular recently. If you are thinking of starting culinary blogging, this list of the very best culinary blog WordPress themes will get you started in the right direction. 1 . FOOD BLOG This is the ultimate blogger style theme for starting a cooking blog, food blog, or any other lifestyle blog. The design of this […]

Best Fitness Themes In WordPress

Fitness has become one of the major parts of our lives. It’s become kind of fashionable to do fitness. It’s voguish to have a fit and healthy body today, which makes me happy. 🙂 There are many fitness websites and blogs today. If you want to start one, too, you’ll need a good fitness theme to […]

167. What are parent and child themes

What Are Parent And Child Themes?

Ever wondered what are parent and child themes? Could you even  imagine that themes may have such kinda “family”?) No? Well, me, too!) So let’s see what they generally are. Parent theme I should note that almost all WordPress themes are parent themes and only those called “child themes” are not parent themes. Theme developers create parent themes for […]


Best Portfolio Themes In WordPress

The fastest growing pieces in WordPress are themes for creative agencies, professionals and freelancers who need ways to showcase there work in attractive ways. In order to attract the interest of this intelligent and aesthetic orientated groups, theme developers are racing to create beautiful new portfolio themes that offer image-forward designs while not sacrificing business branding needs. If you […]


How To Upload A Theme On WordPress?

To upload a theme first you should login to your site admin page. After that, go to Appearance -> Themes. Here, you can see all the themes you have installed in your application. To add another one, just click on the “Install Themes” tab. There are two ways to add a new theme: You can […]


Beauty Themes In WordPress

No matter how much makeup you wear on a daily basis or how often you get your hair colored, the search for the best beauty products may be exhausting. Many people are now looking for a better lifestyle, better way of leaving. Everyone appreciates a little help in these areas every now and then. If you’re an expert […]


Best News Themes In WordPress

The world around us is changing in a fast speed. Everything changes so fast and you should be well aware of it. That’s why news is playing a vital role in our life today and we are much influenced by the news now. Nowadays, a vast quantity of news are served online. There are many news-oriented […]