How To Protect From The Harvesters?

Email spammers often use programs, that are known as email harvesters, which scan pages on the Internet for email addresses to collect and send unsolicited email. If your email address is publicly available through your WordPress installation, it may be unsafe to these kinds of programs. I’ll introduce you some simple ways you can […]

How To Hide The Header Text?

Many Themes and Theme designers wish to feature their header with a picture only, no text. Some put the text in the graphic image, therefore not requiring the actual use of the text. One option is to remove the template tags which generate the title and description. The other one is […]

What’s Network Admin Screen?

This is the central access point to the various options necessary to administer the Multisite (or Network)capabilities of WordPress. The Network Admin link is only visible after you create a network. The menu will appear in the upper right of the menu bar, and is only visible to super admins. It […]

What Should A Good WordPress Developer Be Like?

An expert and a dedicated WordPress developer should be able to create a professional looking website that will run efficiently without any hidden charges. As the business owner you should provide enough data for the development to run smoothly from start to finish. If you provide everything that may be required upfront, you can reduce […]