Best Family Themes in WordPress from Template Monster

That’s not an easy task to select a perfect theme (template) for your Family blog. So, in this article, I’ve highlighted the best ones (in my opinion)! You can find babysitter templates, WordPress family tree themes, newborn templates – the premium quality themes that exhibit everything you need to set up a fully-functional blog. You […]

162. How to separate your Categories

How To Separate Your Categories?

Your posts are filed in various categories. Category information is often displayed in the post meta data section near your post or under the heading title. Various WordPress Themes highlight the post meta data section in different areas. Display The display of the post categories is generated through the use of the the_category()template tag and you can style how these categories […]

163. How to develop a color schemel

How to develop a color scheme?

There is a lot to think about if you develop or design your WordPress Theme, when it comes to developing colors. It’s very much like painting a house. You should decide which color will cover the entire exterior, pick up the color of the door. You should pay attention to contrasts and so on.. The colors which go into a website […]

200.How to give a feedback for a ticket in a right way

How To Give A Feedback For A Ticket In A Right Way?

When reviewing a ticket, your primary goal is to have a constructive dialog with the reporter to get the ticket to some form of resolution. The resolution shouldn’t be immediate, although it’s fun when it is – slow and steady progress is the name of the game. Some tips to consider when giving feedback for a ticket: First, you […]

209. How to link Theme Directories

How To Link Theme Directories?

In this article I’ll tell you some things about linking theme directories and dynamic linking in templates. So, to link to the theme’s directories, you may use the following functions: get_template_directory_uri(); get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); If you are not using a child theme both of these functions will return the one and the same thing – the full URI […]

195. Reviewing methods.

Reviewing Methods In WordPress

Everyone has their own website reviewing methods. Some of them only look at the surface presentation of the site and rarely delve deep within a site’s depths to check all the pages and posts. Others look at the site’s use of presentation styles, dig into the code to check it, and give a more detailed review. […]