How To Link Theme Directories?

In this article I’ll tell you some things about linking theme directories and dynamic linking in templates. So, to link to the theme’s directories, you may use the following functions: get_template_directory_uri(); get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); If you are not using a child theme both of these functions will return the one and the same […]

Reviewing Methods In WordPress

Everyone has their own website reviewing methods. Some of them only look at the surface presentation of the site and rarely delve deep within a site’s depths to check all the pages and posts. Others look at the site’s use of presentation styles, dig into the code to check it, and […]

The Most Useful Widgets In WordPress

WordPress Widgets help you add content and features to your Sidebars. They were originally designed to provide a simple and easy way to give design and structure control of the WordPress Theme to the user. The widgets demand no code experience or professional programming skills of usage. Let’s see some 10 […]