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Google Maps does its best to make navigating our world faster and easier. It’s easy now to find the best places in town and the information you need to get there! This great tool is way more than just a digital replica of a paper map. This is an awesome trip planner, travel aide, and recommendations engine for dining and finding new places to explore.

This is really exciting, isn’t it?)

If you wish to add map on your website, this can be a really easy thing to do, and again, with WordPress. There are dozens of Google Map plugins available in WordPress, but there’s one, that I like the most, and would love to share it with you, guys!)

Google Maps Widget 

Google Maps Widget can be a great solution in this case. It’s very easy to use, has many amazing features and requires no coding knowledge. It loads very fast and instead of 40+ requests, initially, maps take only 1 request to load reducing the site load by 2 MB. This is a really optimal variant for Google Map plugins, as it has all the options you’ll ever need for your maps, including directions, many custom information bubbles and customizable lightbox.


Design your map

You can change the overall appearance of your map, changing its color scheme. Although, in the Free version there are only 3 color schemes available. But this is actually not a huge problem, as 3 may be quite enough if you don’t need so much design options.

The linking option is everything! You can choose what happens when the map is clicked. And if you have set Google Analytics tracker in your settings the clicks on your map will be tracked. Besides choosing between interactive and thumb map settings, you can set a custom URL!

Language Settings

Language settings are also very flexible only in the PRO version of Google Map Widget. You can either set it Automatic, which means it will be based on user’s browser settings, or select any languages available in this plugin. In Free version only English is available, which, I must admit, is not so cool.

Map Layers, PRO

In the Interactive map settings, you’ll even have an option to choose map layers. Let me explain what they actually are. You can choose between three options, to display traffic conditions on the map, display the public transport network of your city on the map or render a layer of bike paths and bicycle specific overlays. These options are totally in point! The sad thing is that this great feature is available only in PRO version of this plugin. But I should note that the price is worth for this option. I don’t regret paying for it. 😉

You can not only track the traffic in general on your map, but also specify a little. Sometimes people need to be aware of the public transport routes of the city. And what’s more attractive, you can easily find all the bike paths around, not to get messed in the car traffic.


Easy integration

Too many good things about this plugin? This is not the end! 🙂 Google Maps Widget  offers an easy and convenient way to add maps on your pages.You can simply add the Shortcode it provides for your map on your page!


Of course, I highlighted the most eye-catching options of this plugin for you. There may be some more things to be discovered in this plugin. Just check it out yourself and find the features you like most. 😉

I’d be very happy if you share your thoughts concerning this plugin in our comments!

As a conclusion, I want to share the presentation video and the link to download this plugin. Here:


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  1. I tried several other plugins before this one and I can say that Google Maps Widget is definitely the best one out there!

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