How To Convert Images Without Losing Their Quality?

69. How to convert images without losing their quality

It’s a fact that not all graphic software packages allow you to resize images, though most should. You should check your graphics software table of contents or index for resize, size, transform, reduce, or enlarge, all synonyms for the for the same thing. If they don’t have that feature, you may have to find different software.

The process of resizing images is very simple.

There are two main methods:

  1. You can resize an image through the use of tools provided which allow you to manually shift the edges of an image to deform or resize the image. The best way is to grab a corner, not the edge, to resize the image. The corner “handle” will usually resize the image maintaining the overall height-width ratio. Check your manual for specific instructions.
  2. The other method involves simply specifying the image’s final size. The advanced graphics programs allow you to set it by exact dimensions or a percentage of reduction or enlargement.

After resizing the image, the image may be smaller, but it may also be slightly out of focus. You can sharpen the focus of the small image by using the sharpen feature in your software.

When you have fine-tuned your small sized image or new thumbnail, you should export the image as a jpg, gif, or png.

Besides, there are many useful Converting plugins that will help you resize your images without any difficulty.

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