How To Find A Server Info In WordPress?

126. How to find a server info in WordPress

The easiest way to collect server info in WordPress is to make use of a PHP function called phpinfo(). The phpinfo() function will query your  server and generate a report with a long list of data. Just remember to bookmark this page, because, in the future, a volunteer in the WordPress Support Forum may ask you to use this method to get information to assist them in troubleshooting a question you asked on the Support Forum.

Note that this file will contain some moderately sensitive information about your server. It could help an attacker gain access to it. Ensure that you give the file an obscure filename and delete it as soon as you’re done.

Copy and paste the following command in a text editor:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Check not to leave any spaces before or after the command, just the command, and save the file as something obscure likesffdsajk234.php. You should make the file difficult for hackers to file, because it will contain information that could help them compromise your server.

Upload the file to the root directory of your site and type in the address to the file in your browser:

The result will be several pages long and it will contain a huge information.

That’s it, just ensure you remember to delete the file once you’re done with it, because leaving it there could help hackers compromise your server.

Hope this article was helpful for you, guys!

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