What Are Conditional Tags Used For?

Conditional Tags may be used in your Template Files to alter the display of content depending on the conditions which the current page matches. They tell WordPress what code to display under specific conditions and they usually work with PHP if /else Conditional Statements. As a rule, the code begins by checking to see if a […]

Why You Should Use Template Tags

As you already know, a template tag is a piece of code that tells WordPress to get something from the database. It is divided into three components: A PHP code tag A WordPress function Optional parameters So, why use template tags? Template tags make it very easy to include various pieces […]

The Most Useful Widgets In WordPress

WordPress Widgets help you add content and features to your Sidebars. They were originally designed to provide a simple and easy way to give design and structure control of the WordPress Theme to the user. The widgets demand no code experience or professional programming skills of usage. Let’s see some 10 […]