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Have got a business or commercial websites? Need to demonstrate some pricing on your page? You need a pricing table, dude!)

Pricing tables are essential tools now for almost all kinds of websites. If you have products or services selling, people may want to know their prices. It would be more effective if you represent that in a well designed pricing column (table). There are many different plugins in WordPress that may help you do that. I have a favorite in the list.

Let me introduce it to you, guys!

Pricing Table Builder plugin by Sygnoos is the easiest to use and the most responsive one I’ve ever tried for my websites. It has many useful options that help you create awesome pricing tables according to your taste.  You can fully organize its whole look and feel. With 12 free pricing table themes, Unlimited plan features,you can create best pricing tables you could ever dream of. You can also add words to the highlighted part of the pricing table like ‘new’ or ‘best’, you can emphasize best plan you have in your pricing table and customize the theme design.

You can make money by selling products online with the help of this pricing table plugin you can set up both, design and usability standpoint. A pricing table should be simple but at the same time clearly differentiate between features and prices of different products or services.It should help potential customers pick the most appropriate plan for them. This pricing table plugin clearly gives visitors only the information they would be interested in: available features, options and costs. The customers are more likely to make purchase if they see a well organized and clear pricing table on your website.

Above all the gorgeous features I’d highlight the most important of all – this plugin provides a support beyond perfect! The team is very responsive, patient and professional. Even if the plugin wasn’t as cool as it is, I would use it just for the support providing!)

Hope you liked this article, guys!

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