What Are Theme Frameworks And How Do They Work?

165. What are Theme frameworks and how do they work

Let’s see what are theme frameworks in general and what’s their functionality.

So, first we should note that frameworks are for theme developers. They include a set of standards for theme developers to use in creating their own themes.

They’re a set of functions/features that are created to aid development.

  • Frameworks are packaged within a single folder.
  • Developers drop the framework folder into a new parent theme and load the framework.
  • Users create a child theme based on the parent theme to store their customizations, allowing both the framework and parent theme to be updated.

Some Theme Frameworks may include pre-defined code to facilitate further Theme development, like:

  • Custom functions to be used in the Theme
  • Action hooks used in the Theme template
  • Custom filter hooks used to output Theme content
  • Theme options page integration
  • Custom callbacks for core WordPress action and filter hooks
  • Script library integration and functionality, e.g. jQuery sliders

This much, guys! Hope this article was helpful for you!

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