Top Tips to Get your First Role in Digital Marketing

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Are you a new graduate looking for your first role in digital marketing? Most probably, you have already applied for a few related positions and got asked approximately the same question. Does it sound something like: “Do you have an experience in online marketing field?” And as you have no experience, your answer sounds so disapproving. As it is common to say, no one is born with an experience. It follows that almost all of the new graduates face the same difficulty but most of them overcome those difficulties by finding solutions. What’s more, they become successful managers, directors, entrepreneurs or occupy other positions according to their profession and skills. It would be your first mistake to think they are better. Well, they are surely endowed with many outstanding features. But who says that you are not? Besides, almost every successful person has faced major difficulties at the very beginning of their career. And if you think you need advice and encouragement to get through the difficulties, we are here to be help you. Thus, we are eager to shed light on four key opportunities you should consider to be an ideal candidate for a web marketing position.


1. Volunteering

In the recent years, volunteering has become a challenging opportunity for new graduates to gain experience in a related field. Thus, you can apply for such programs for a start. Being enrolled in a company’s everyday working activities, you feel as one of the staff members. During the period of volunteering, you will get familiarized with the workflow, gain business communication skills both orally and in writing, manifest yourself as a fast-learning, communicative, responsible and trustworthy person. What’s more, showing yourself in such a positive manner may give a thought to your manager to consider you for a permanent position. Nonetheless, there is no need to get disappointed if they find that you are not a good fit for their vacant position. After a few months of volunteering, you will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of web marketing and will get insight into the professional working ethics. Besides, you will have a portfolio of accomplished works to come up with when applying to freelance websites.


2. Freelancing


This is another brilliant option for those looking for their first job in web marketing. Just registering on freelance websites, providing detailed information on your education and experience and attaching the portfolio of successfully accomplished works will be a good start. Moreover, this opportunity has a financial advantage over the previous one. Thus, while volunteering is mainly an unpaid opportunity, freelancing opens up the doors to financial stability. Already having some background, you can attach your works and set up the hourly price you will agree to get paid for working on their project.



3. Trainings

This opportunity is not about earning money but about spending some. Nonetheless, participating in trainings will open up new opportunities for you. Instead of taking similar projects over and over again, you can strive to achieve more if you have progressive thinking and the desire to learn. Consequently, always consider taking part in trainings if you wish to fill in the gaps in your skills. This will be an incentive for you getting enrolled in more difficult and profitable projects or taking up better positions at your work.


4. Creating a website

This point is crucially important if you would like to have a professional impression on your potential employers. Especially notable is the fact that nowadays in order to launch and run your own website it’s not mandatory to turn to a web developer. Actually, you can make a site with your own hands investing some amount of money using online platforms like WordPress or Magento. These online platforms give an opportunity to create a website using certain plugins. A plugin is a software that makes it possible to add necessary features to a website having no programming knowledge at all. So, it’s clear that this is a brilliant opportunity for non-programmers to create and launch their own website. This will be your professional website where you can include any information potential employers may be interested in, such as your CV, the completed projects, your headshot and contact information like emails, phone numbers, and social pages. Having your professional website attached to your resume will really help you to stand out from other applicants. What’s more, in order to attract more attention and to serve as a call to action for your plausible future employers, you can include a contact form popup on the selected pages or on all of the pages of your WordPress or Magento website. Wait, but what is a contact form popup? Generally, popups are those small windows that usually appear in the middle of your computer screen interrupting your activity on the website you visited and coming up with a certain offer. A contact form popup, in its turn, is a popup window that contains special fields such as name, email, phone number, message etc. and appears on the screen asking visitors to fill in those fields to contact them with any questions. So, as a new graduate student, you can surprise your future employers by making a contact form popup on your website. This will be an incentive for them to contact you for an interview.



In addition, making a contact form popup serves both practical and strategic purposes. On the practical part, it is convenient to send a message by filling in the fields in a form instead of opening and writing a separate email. And from the strategic point of view, this is a strong call to action for those employers who are not flexible and quick in decision-making. For the latter, this will be a trigger to contact you and in addition, you will also surprise those employers with your professional attitude to work. Besides, you will show up being creative – a feature that is crucial in marketing. When your plausible future employers see that you can think “out of the box”, they will be highly motivated to hire you. Just don’t force filling in the contact form immediately after landing on your website. Allow up to about 3 minutes so that your site visitors can get familiarized with your background before making a decision to contact you. Or else, make the window appear after your site visitors have scrolled down your page to some extent. This way, you will be sure that your site visitors have looked through the contents of your webpages before deciding to get in touch. Both of these features can be given to your popup from the settings like it is shown in this screenshot.



To sum up, the most important thing you should consider as a new graduate is that nothing happens at once. Consequently, hard work and perseverance are the things you will certainly need to make your way through those difficulties and achieve the desired results step by step. Every oriented step you take will bring you closer to achieving your goal and taking up your first web marketing role. Consider our recommendations, as well as think some on your own and the desired results won’t make you wait long. After a while, you will enjoy your first position at one of the leading web marketing companies. We wish you a perfect start in your endeavors and strongly believe that the recommendations stated out in this article will be really helpful to start and build your career as a successful web marketing specialist.

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