Under Construction Page review – when you’re doing maintenance work on your site.

Site development may take a long time. During this period people may visit your website and see an unfinished or broken version of your website or come across any server default page such as 403, 503 or 404. Visitors may get confused in such cases. And you don’t want to let this happen, I’m sure. In such cases the best practice may be to setup a maintenance mode page to inform your visitors that you are still working on the website and it will be available soon. In this article, I’ll review the Under Construction Page  Free WordPress plugin.

Let me introduce you the main options of this plugin to help you get a general idea!

Starting up

You can find the plugin in the Settings section of your Dashboard, after its activation.

Main Settings

With just one button you can enable the maintenance mode on your site. Simply change the Status OFF – ON!

Set the end date of the maintenance mode and the site will automatically become active after the time expiration.

You can enter the unique tracking ID found in your GA tracking profile settings to track visits to the page while it’s under maintenance mode.


Design Customization

Tastes differ and it’s always great to have a variety of options to pick up from. This plugin comes with 8 Cool themes! All in different styles.  Simply pick the best you like! I like the colorful ones.


Content Edition

Enter the title and a Description for your under construction page. 5 shortcodes are available for the title.

Add a headline text for the page, the default is: Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site. (You can change it, of course.)

Enter a content for your page, to inform your visitors about the process and thank for being patient.


Social Icons

Make your website more social and popular even during the maintenance mode! There are 9 Social icons available for you to add to your under construction page. This is a great way to keep the connection with your visitors during the maintenance mode.

Simply add the URLs of your social media pages in the URL fields of the content.


Access Settings

You can select the Whitelisted User Roles and the Whitelisted Users that will not be affected by the under construction mode and will always see the “normal” site.

Don’t forget to Save changes when you’re done!


I liked this plugin for its so many settings available, taking in count that the plugin is FREE. Hope, I could highlight all the features that one may need in case of creating a maintenance page!

Here’s the link to the plugin, in case you decided to Install it: Click here

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  • Zoey

    (March 1, 2017 - 10:54 am)

    Wow, the plugin looks fantastic. I just installed it on my site and it works great, thanks! 🙂

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