Using Images In WordPress


Adding images in WordPress is fairly easy.

All of your images will be stored and may be managed in the Media Library, but there are several different paths to get there.

The most common one is adding an image directly to a post or page. This way the image automatically saves t in the Media Library and displays the image wherever you inserted it.

You can also add images directly to the Media Library by the multi-file loader or the single-file loader. For advanced user, you may upload images directly using an FTP Client.

When writing/editing a post, you may add an image using the “Add Media” button above the editor box. This will open a window which displays the multi-file uploader. From here you may drag and drop your picture or select it using the file selector.

The images that you add here will be automatically added to the Media Library.

If you need to upload an image for a future post, from the dashboard you should go to Media –> Add New. From here you can bulk upload multiple images before you know which post you need them to go into.

If you know what an FTP program is, you may upload images directly to the /wp-content/uploads folder.

Also, I must note that WordPress can resize images and create thumbnails.

This much, guys! Hope you liked this article!

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