What’s FTP? Why Do I Need It For WordPress?

85. What's FTP Why do I need it for WordPress

There are two ways to get files onto your site, and changing them once there.

  1. By using the file manager provided in your host’s control panel. Popular file managers: cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk

  2. By using an FTP or SFTP client. This guide will show you how to use FileZilla.

FTP is for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used to transfer files between computers on a network. You may use FTP to exchange files between computer accounts, transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or access online software archives. Just keep in mind, anyway, that many FTP sites are heavily used and require several attempts before connecting.

FTP or “File Transfer Protocol” is the most widely used transfer protocol for over thirty years. You should use SFTP or “Secure File Transfer Protocol” if your host supports it. This transfers your files and your password over a secured connection, and should therefore be used instead of FTP whenever possible. Sometimes you have to contact your host to enable SFTP on your account.

Why you use FileZilla? Like WordPress, it is released under the GPL. So, it is not only free, it is staying that way, too. FileZilla is a stable client that works on all flavors of Windows.

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