Advertise Attractive Sales with Popups on Black Friday&Cyber Monday

Advertise Black Friday&Cyber Monday sales through attractive and polite popups. Let’s explore some of these smart popup types that are irreplaceable for attracting attention.

WooCommerce extension

Detecting customers’ cart behavior and coming up with targeted offers to advertise attractive sales on Black Friday&Cyber Monday has become easy with WooCommerce extension. Through this popup you can detect cart condition taking the info from the source (currently WooCommerce). Afterward, invite your cartholders’ attention to the items on their cart. Then, make targeted offers relative to the detected condition. Let’s have a look at an example where, through WooCommerce popup, we have found out that the cart is empty. Here we can offer our plausible customers a discount or a free shipping opportunity on their first purchase.  

WooCommercepopup 70% Black Friday Sale on Your First Purchase

Recent sales or Live sales popup

You can apply Live sales popup to advertise successful sales to site visitors on Black Friday&Cyber Monday. This is a perfect strategy if you want to surprise plausible customers with unprecedented sales. The purpose of showcasing the purchased items and details about buyers to website visitors is to inspire them to do the same. And as far as following the behavior of the crowd is in human nature, this popup serves its goal quite effectively.

Live sales popup Steve from United States purchased our new application

Countdown popup

You can advertise attractive sales on Black Friday&Cyber Monday through inciting certain emotions in plausible customers. For instance, with the help of a countdown popup you can excite a feeling of urgency in site visitors. Just inform in the popup that the sale is going to end soon. The counter with decreasing numbers (denoting days, hours, minutes and seconds) will serve as a trigger to avail of the opportunity while the sale is active.

Countdown popup Cyber Monday sales last chance to enjoy 40% off on Autumn collection

Exit-intent popup

You can give Exit intent event  to any popup type. This is a brilliant solution for persistent site owners used to hold back visitors from leaving the site. The popup shows up at the moment a visitor tries to navigate away from the website area. Once he/she tries to move the mouse pointer to abandon the site, an exit-intent popup will appear with a beneficial offer.

Exit intent popup Don't go Fresh Black Friday&Cyber Monday sales up to 50% off

These are just a few of the super-effective popup types that will boost Black Friday&Cyber Monday sales. You can find a lot more efficient popups following this link


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