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The Best Way to Backup, Restore or Migrate WordPress Based Websites


Website backups are a vital part of having and developing a website. Say you have accidentally erased a file or changed something you can’t figure out how to recover. Or maybe your site has been affected by hacking attack. In these (and many other such cases) a good Backup and restore tool is the best option to avoid any loss of data on your site. There are many different options for taking backups of your site files and dozens of WordPress Plugins. In this article I’m going to highlight one of the best backup tools in WordPress, the Backup Guard plugin.

With Backup Guard, your data will be saved and you’ll have an opportunity to back them up anytime needed! It has a simple but powerful interface, and, the most exciting thing is that you get email alerts of every backup you do to your files. This plugin can continually back up every file and folder on your website to a safe offsite data center.

Main Features

1 . One Click Backup – You can make  full or custom backups of your site with only one click. And you don’t have to worry about issues with large files or databases.

2. Upload to Cloud – You can automatically upload your irreplaceable documents and media to any cloud of your choice!

3 . Reliable Restore – This software has been tested in many different environments and restoration is just as good as backup.

4 . Automatic Backups – You can schedule your backup tasks to be performed automatically by your server.

5 . Customization – You are free to choose the files and/or directories to backup, whether to backup database, clouds to upload to and more.

6 . Background Mode – In this mode your backup/restore process will consume less CPU resources, meanwhile, allowing them to be used by other processes.

7 . Mail Notifications – Simply add your e-mail, and you’ll receive notifications whenever a backup or restore process gets finished.

The best feature about this plugin, is that it has both, FREE and PRO packages! Everybody loves plugins that are available in not only paid versions. 🙂

Now, let’s see how it works!

How to Backup?

After you have Installed the Backup Guard plugin, you can proceed to back up process.

  • Click on the “Backup” buttonbackups
  • Select the backup option you need, then click on the “Backup” button, to start the backup process
  • You can see the progress of each step and you may cancel the backup if needed



How to Restore?

It’s very easy! Simply find the respective backup row in the “Backups” section and click the restore button!



How to Migrate?

If you need to migrate a website from A domain to B domain, first of all you should prepare a migration package from A. After, you should setup a new WordPress installation on B. And, in the end, you should import the captured migration package into B.

One article for such a cool plugin is not enough to mention all the great points it has. These guys are improving the plugin and making it even better day by day! 🙂

You can see a detailed instructions’ article on the following link:


Plus, the plugin has Demo versions, for both, FREE and PRO versions.

FREE Demo Here!

PRO Demo Here!

Hope you liked this post! 😉

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