How to Boost Sales Through the PayPal Button Tool

Paying through PayPal other than using a credit card directly while making online purchases gives many buyers a peace of mind. When buyers shop online on Ebay, Amazon or another online store and want to keep their credit card numbers unrevealed, they choose a third party payment processor. So, as far as buyers are not sure about the safety of the transaction and can’t fully confide in online merchants, they will prefer safer payment solutions like PayPal.

Online shop owners keep up looking for modern strategies to boost their sales. As you know, one of the most effective ways to attract attention to your offers is making discounts. Another way to stand out among competitors is valuing customers’ time and making the purchasing process an easy one.   

Developers of marketing tools never stop thinking of super creative innovations to ease customers’ job. Due to the wide use of the PayPal payment solution, recently, a brilliant solution emerged by the hand of skillful developers that consists in the integration of a PayPal button element into a popup.


Let’s See How It Works!

The purpose of this integration is to ease the process of checkout. Just make a charming popup announcing special deals and add PayPal button to the popup. By doing so, you will create a strong call-to-action for future customers. 

Indeed, life becomes easier! Consider this to make decisions that will be time-saving for customers and they will value your efforts in no time.  

Imagine a situation when numerous items are discounted on your online store. Customers may notice some of them especially those that stand out. But in order to make these offers more attractive, why not make use of a popup strategy that is the leader when it comes to capturing attention. What’s more, spice up the proposal with a PayPal button to make the payment processing a fast and convenient process.   


“Speak” to the Point with a Proper Popup Event

A popup triggering event determines the time a popup should appear or the act that should trigger its opening. There are several popup events that make popups far more powerful and functional. In case of PayPal button tool usage the most suitable popup event may be the “On hover” feature. This makes the popup appear when potential future customers hover over an item thinking and comparing prices and considering the overall offer.


Setting Up is Easy!

When selecting the PayPal button and adding it in the popup, there will appear Popup Element Options. There you can choose the currency and estimate the price.



Check out this informative guide on How to use PayPal popup element?


To Sum Up


Want to attract customers? You can do it by respecting them – valuing their time, the privacy of their data, encouraging them with some discount and making the payment processing run smoothly. As you can see, this is now quite real with the PayPal button tool. Just approach this feature as a call-to-action that will give future customers a second thought and they will be thinking: Well, why not avail of it?  

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