What are Filters in WordPress?

Filters are functions which WordPress passes data through, at certain points in execution, just before taking some action with the data (like adding it to the database or sending it to the browser screen). Filters are between the database and the browser, and between the browser and the database; most input and output […]

Comments in WordPress

Comments let your website’s visitors have a discussion with you and each other. When you activate comments on a Page or post, WordPress inserts several text boxes after your content where users may submit their comments. When you approve a comment, it appears underneath your content. WordPress provides a thorough […]

HTML and XHTML in WordPress

WordPress is based on documents written in the XHTML scripting language. XHTML 1.0  became a W3C recommendation in the year 2000. They intended to serve it as an interim technology until XHTML 2.0 could be finalized. Anyay, even eight years later XHTML 2.0 still isn’t finished. So this article uses the […]