How to Customize your Sidebar in WordPress?

In the past the main purpose of the sidebar was to provide navigation assistance for the visitor. This was a function that you may mostly need since then to the present day. These navigation aids are to help people navigate in your site and find the information you provide them with. The list of navigation items includes Categories, Pages, Archives, and even the most recent posts. Another navigational tool you can see in the sidebar is a search form to help people find what they are looking for on your .

The information in the sidebar is controlled by your Theme’s Template sidebar.php file.

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If you want to help your visitors navigate your site you should point them towards specific posts and archives. You can display most of the recent posts and archives in a variety of ways in your sidebar.

There are several plugins that will generate a list of related posts to the one you are viewing.

You can put anything you want in your sidebar! Isn’t it great? Some people like to add the post meta data to the sidebar because it contains information about the post and adds links to different categories, dates, and possibly even next and previous posts, all helping increase the visitor’s navigation choices.

Lists of links are ways of listing different websites for your viewers to visit when they are done with your site. You can display each of the links as text or as an image. You have an opportunity to register more than one sidebar. In wp-includes/widgets.php you find the function-definition for register-sidebars() which you may use in your custom function within your theme-folder (functions.php – if it does not exist, create an empty php file by that name).

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