Great News for Popup Builder Lovers!


I have introduced you the Popup Builder plugin in my previous articles. But a lot has changed since then guys! And, when I say a lot of changes, I mean a lot of great changes! 🙂
Popup Builder is continuously improving its service. It’s developing to get more features and add more cool options. This makes it one of the best Popup plugins in WordPress. So, let’s proceed to the innovations in Popup Builder.


Mailchimp is a perfect tool allowing your users to sign up to the mail list right from the popup. You can fully customize the look of the sign up form. All you have to do is connect your Mailchimp account to the popup and start synchronizing your subscribers!

You can see more details, here.


This is a great integration to the Popup Builder plugin. It provides statistical data on your popups and includes the number of times the popup was opened, the event type of popup opening, e.g. on load, on click, hover, in activity, and the average time of popup open. This is a great tool to make popups for targeted audience.

You can see more details, here.


This is a great add on that has recently been added to the Subscription popup of Popup Builder plugin. It’s great when you need to inform your subscribers about some innovations or updates in our site. It’s very easy to use! All you have to do is select the form you want to refer, type your subject and send to your subscribers via email.

You can see more details, here.


This latest extension is great for email marketing. It’s almost like Mailchimp popup, it’s just connected to your Aweber account and the emails are sent there accordingly. You can easily create subscription popup and let your users sign up to the email list right from the popup. Plus, you should select the forms from your Aweber account. Many cool options available. Best of all is that you can Live preview all the creation process of the Aweber subscription form.

You can see more details, here.

This much for now, guys! I think, we’re all looking forward to get more cool options in this plugin. 🙂

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