How does Podcasting Work in WordPress?

36. How does Podcasting work in WordPress

Podcasting distributes audio or video content via RSS 2.0, or Atom. Podcast clients such as iTunes, Juice, or CastPodder(linux) let listeners to subscribe to your RSS/Atom feed and automatically download your content to their audio players as it is available.

You should do the following to make it work:

  • Create audio or video you want to be shared (usually MP3 or MP4)
  • Upload the file to the server
  • Link to the file in a post in your weblog
  • WordPress automatically Includes a link to the file in your RSS/Atom feed
  • Listeners “subscribe” with podcast client application to your RSS/Atom feed and download new files automatically.

WordPress creates all the necessary links for you.

Podcasting is logically supported as of WordPress 1.5. You can add a link to an audio file in a post and WordPress will automatically add the necessary enclosure tag to your RSS2 feed to make it useable as a podcast.

It’s important to say that you must use a complete, absolute URI when linking to the audio file. Or else WordPress will not make an enclosure for it.

To create a subscription or to syndicate your podcast, you should add your RSS feed link on the site and to your iTunes and other syndication accounts.

To make it easier for iTunes users, you’d better also link to your podcast feed with the itpc:// protocol rather than http, like this:


This will let iTunes users with an ability to subscribe to your feed with a single click.

To create a dedicated podcast feed you should:

  • Create a category for your audio files and call “podcasts” or something alike.
  • Assign every post that contains an audio link to your “podcasts” category.
  • If your blog is at, your podcast feed will automatically be available at:

You can add this to the .htaccess file to make a nice rewrite rule that points visitors directly to your podcasts:

#podcast rewrite

RewriteRule ^podcasts/?$ /yourWPsubdirectoryhere/index.php?category_name=podcasts [QSA,L]

RewriteRule ^podcasts/feed/(atom|rss2)/?$ /yourWPsubdirectoryhere/index.php?feed=$1&category_name=podcasts [QSA,L] may be used to host podcast audio files but uses re-directs on the file paths which it publishes. This confuses WordPress, and therefore, the Podcast publication fails (missing enclosure tag error).

To avoid this kind of error, you should add a Custom Field called “enclosure” and paste the full url for the mp3 file in the Value field.

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