How Important are Customer Reviews for Online Marketing

Do your neighbors bandy about your life or give recommendations on how to live a better one? Well, even if they do, most of you certainly ignore these talks. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely of you to ignore the opinions of ordinary people like your neighbors when these people are your customers. It’s not surprising how your stance on this issue changes radically. It’s because customer reviews serve as a word-of-mouth that is one of the most trusted ways to keep your business image. 


Every customer tends to have his/her own expectations and it’s not always possible to meet them. It follows that service providers often have to face the problem of avoiding or mitigating a damage to their reputation. This means that you should try to serve your customers to your best so as to avoid negative reviews. Thus, if you hesitate whether or not you need to use a review builder plugin for your WordPress site, this article will help you to make a right decision.


If you have a lemon, make a lemonade

However, in case you weren’t able to escape unfavorable feedback, you can still learn many lessons from customer opinions. You can even solve their concerns in a friendly way and make them wish to give a better review. Can you remember the phrase Dale Carnegie uses in one of his famous books? If you have a lemon, make a lemonade. This means that appearing in a bad situation, you should make use of its good part.  So, read on if you wish to see the positive aspects of negative customer reviews, as well as the importance of positive ones for online marketing:


Customer reviews increase sales

Reviews of customers are crucial to businesses because they tend to boost sales significantly. By and large, people tend to opt for products that have been used and approved by others so most often they even search for opinions.

Prospective buyers examine the reviews, ratings and basic information. Then, they go on with individual ratings that are sure to give more detailed feedback about the product or service. A majority of positive opinions about a hairdressing salon? Worth visiting. Many similar negative opinions about a service? Better not deal with it.


Help you find out any drawbacks

Online reviews in no case should be swept under the rug. Always try to rectify the situation by finding out where customers’ grievance stems from. Resolving consumers’ problems will give you a chance to reveal any drawbacks and improving the overall service.  


Online reviews are good for SEO

Online customer reviews also improve your ranking on search engines. The latter consider your business important taking into account the number of people talking about it. Additionally, when making a review, customers usually use different keywords that improve the ranking of your website in search results for those specific keywords.


Let your customers feel how their opinion is valued

Whether or not your customers will take the time to leave a feedback, they will be touched by the opportunity to express their opinion. Indeed, who doesn’t like when his/or her opinion is valued?


Reviews yield more feedback

When you see a friend has shared a new photo of himself on one of the social networks, most often you pass it by for some reason. But then, the photo appears at the top of your page over and over again because of being commented occasionally. This gives you a thought to give another comment of your own, doesn’t it? There is a similar situation with the online customer reviews. The multiple reviews an online business has received encourage users to express their own opinion through putting a rating and even commenting it.


Handling negative reviews

Are you reactive to bad customer reviews? Do you want to get them out of the public eye? The most effective way to handle negative customer reviews is working with the customer on his/her terms. Try your best to figure out their situation, their pace of life. This will help you to communicate with them and to handle the issue most productively. Then, think what you can do to solve the problem so as later you can avoid negative reviews because of the same reason.


In Conclusion


It’s merely impossible to please everyone. It doesn’t matter how much you strive for, there will be people that are not satisfied. Well, try your best to please your customers. In spite of the fact that their dissatisfaction has no firm grounds, you should certainly enable them to leave reviews of your product or service due to the multiple advantages you will get. If you can ensure high-quality service or product, good reviews will be noticeably more than the bad ones. Accordingly, your business will ensure that its customers have a reliable source of information and you will enjoy your online presence.





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