How to develop a color scheme?

163. How to develop a color schemel

There is a lot to think about if you develop or design your WordPress Theme, when it comes to developing colors. It’s very much like painting a house. You should decide which color will cover the entire exterior, pick up the color of the door. You should pay attention to contrasts and so on..

The colors which go into a website are not limited to the color of the background and text. It would be better if you use all the colors together.

For instance the links on your site may have three color choices:

  • unvisited
  • hover
  • visited

It’s important to ensure that everything is in harmony. Your header or masthead can be filled with color while the rest of the site can be less colorful. Titles, headings, and lists, all may be in color. Keep in mind the bullets on your lists – they are often colored, too. With so many color choices, finding a color scheme or theme may be a great challenge.

Here are some color schemes and resources to get you started to help you pick up your website colors:

  • Kuler – Flash application to create and select colour palettes – also includes an Adobe AIR application for desktop use
  • Online Color Scheme Generator
  •’s Color Scheme Generator 2
  • Color Match – gets six matching web colors (MSIE only)
  • Colour Lovers – Browse others’ color palettes, latest web trend color schemes, download palettes for your application
  • Web color palette the right way. Create consistent color schemes. Generate color shades, tones and tints values.

Hope this article was helpful for you, guys!

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