How to Get Customer Reviews for an Ecommerce Website

Web users appreciate the unbiased and truthful opinions of other shoppers – that is customer reviews. The influence reviews have on online shoppers is as strong as the recommendations of a family member, a friend or a relative. Customer reviews are considered a user-generated content. And there is mind-blowing statistics about the transparency and authenticity of the latter (UGC). Reviews can eliminate doubts in potential future customers reassuring them of the high-quality of a product.

Why do Some Online Shop Owners Avoid Reviews?

Meanwhile, some online shop owners avoid creating a possibility to give feedback on their product and/or service because of the fear of not gaining due appreciation. Anyway, this is the case when the benefits outweigh the potential risks. Even in case of getting negative or not so favorable reviews you should not take things personally. Instead, you should look at negative reviews from the perspective that they create possibility for improvement.

Showing the Correct Approach is Essential

So, it’s out of suspicion that customer reviews are crucially important in online marketing. But here as well, you need to show a correct approach when asking for a review in order to cultivate a positive online reputation. Here are several useful recommendation to follow to get more positive reviews

1. Remind and Motivate Customers to Leave a Review

Thus, to get a review for a post or a product you need to remind and motivate customers to leave one. However, it is recommended not to jump in with the request too soon. But you should not procrastinate requesting for a review either. In order to determine the proper time for requesting a review you should consider product peculiarities. You should take into account whether the product is a physical one or is sent to the customer over the Internet (online product). In the former case, you should ask for a review when the buyer has already received the product.

2. Use any Platform to Ask for a Review

You can contact customers over the email, the social media or any other possible way to ask for a review. Certainly, most often product sellers are in a constant contact with their customers, so they can request a review anytime customers express their gratitude online. Or else, you can ask for a review after solving the problem they were facing.

3. Make the Process of Leaving a Review an Easy One

In this fast-paced world no one wants to be distracted during their activity on the web. That’s why you need to make the process of leaving a review as easy as “abc” for customers. And one of the best ways to ensure this is to give customers a link that will lead them to the review page immediately. It follows that when you value customers’ time, they will value your product and/or service.

4. Use an Ecommerce Review Plugin

If your website is built with WordPress you can use any review plugin that supports WordPress sites. In the wide variety of review plugins, select the one that has many options in its free version. Also, pay attention to the ease of usage and the attractive design.

5. Give an Incentive to Leave a Review

When you are in touch with your customers in any of the possible ways, you can take a chance to offer an incentive for leaving a positive review. Just figure out what your customer might need at the moment. For example, you can offer your customer a discount or a free shipping on his/her next purchase for giving positive feedback.

To Sum Up

If you would like to build a positive customer reputation, you should never underestimate the role of positive reviews. What’s more, you should keep encouraging customers to leave positive feedback in return for some favor such as a discount, a free shipping opportunity and the like. Thus, if you are a seller looking for ways to cultivate positive online reputation, you should create an opportunity for customers to leave a feedback for your product and/or service. You should look at enabling reviews not as a risk to receive bad ones, but rather as an opportunity to build and grow your online reputation. Finally, make reviewing an easy and pleasant activity for your customers.

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