How To Give A Feedback For A Ticket In A Right Way?

200.How to give a feedback for a ticket in a right way

When reviewing a ticket, your primary goal is to have a constructive dialog with the reporter to get the ticket to some form of resolution. The resolution shouldn’t be immediate, although it’s fun when it is – slow and steady progress is the name of the game.

Some tips to consider when giving feedback for a ticket:

  • First, you should thank the individual for the report. Some of these tickets are quite old; for those, a simple “Thanks for the report. Sorry you never got a response.” may be fine.
  • In case this was one of the reporter’s first tickets, it will tell you above the comment box. Just be nice.
  • If it’s a support request, you can refer them to the support forums and close the ticket as “invalid”.
  • If it’s a bug report which sounds like an enhancement, then change the ticket to an enhancement. Enhancements are a bit more difficult to triage, so it’s way easier to start with bugs.
  • Make a quick search to see if it is a duplicate of another ticket that may be farther along.
  • If there’s a component which is more appropriate for the ticket, feel free to move it.

That’ all, guys! Hope this article helped you!

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