Integration of WP Plugins: Popup Builder and the Interactive Map of the USA

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Popup Builder and the “Interactive Map of the USA” WordPress plugins are happy to announce of a special opportunity that consists in their integration. service offers simple and multi-level map plugins for WordPress and for other platforms as well. Simple maps  include maps of different countries, such as map of the USA with clickable states, map of France, etc. each country being supported by a separate plugin. Among the simple maps there is also the world map with different countries. As mentioned above, the service also offers multi-level maps. The latter come up with extended capability and can display more than one geographical regions. For example, 4-level World Map can display continents, countries, states and counties.

The integration with Popup Builder works with simple maps only. One of those simple maps is the “Interactive Map of the USA”. The idea of this integration is enabling to open a lightbox popup when visitors click on a geographical area such as a state, a region (a group of states) or a point. Once the plugins are integrated, you can take the shortcode and insert it into the text of any of your pages or posts. Due to this, you will display the map and the opening of a lightbox popup will be triggered when visitors click on a certain area.

Steps to Integrate the Two Plugins

1. Install & activate the Interactive Map of the USA

You will need to install the PRO version of this plugin to integrate the map with a popup. But the good news is that the team announces 15% off on all of their products.

Coupon code: PopupBuilder

2. Install & activate the “Popup Builder” plugin

3. Create an HTML popup (or another popup type)

4. To integrate a popup to the Interactive Map of the USA plugin go to the “USA Map Settings”, select “Maps” from the dropdown menu and head to the “Detailed Settings” section

5. Therein, select an area where the onclick popup should appear and check the “Show lightbox popup” option

6. In the “Select lightbox popup” section, select the popup you would like to show on the specified area

7. Save the settings and preview the map.


You can set up additional configurations as well. For more detailed instructions check out the following video

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