Outstanding Strategies to Keep Good Relations with Customers

In everyday life keeping good relations with people has to do with being a sunny soul in nature, communicable, helpful, kind and caring, but things are a bit different when it comes to maintaining good relations with customers. Of course, being a good person is always appreciated. What’s more, I know people who would never purchase anything from someone they don’t like. However, the loyalty of customers overwhelmingly depends on the sales you can afford to make for them as a business owner. It’s well-known that both online and traditional stores and service providers make sales from time to time. Nevertheless, some of these stores are far more successful than the others. The reason might be in the attitude and the correct approach – namely, the use of most effective marketing strategies. Here are some steps the most skillful strategists should take to surprise their customers:


  • Making discounts for customers’ birthdays


A warm “Happy Birthday” with a gift card or a coupon code will get a customer walking on air. But first, you will need to find out the birthdays of customers. With this aim, use Ninja Forms to make a subscription form with custom fields. Among these fields, there is a date field where you can ask your subscribers to fill in their birthday. Then, copy the shortcode of the form and create a shortcode popup. The popup made by inserting the Ninja form shortcode into the “shortcode” field will enable you to collect the birthdays of your subscribers.



  • Attract back former customers


It’s been a long time since you haven’t heard of your customers? Suppose a customer buys a product from you once and then doesn’t come up with new purchases. In order to sustain the relations, it would be a brilliant idea to offer such customers a discount.


  • Make sales’ offers before international or national holidays


Help customers choose a gift for their loved ones before holidays. When customers find some difficulty in choosing gifts, promote the discounted products to dispel doubts and to overcome buyer hesitation. Thus, announcing the sales before the holidays will increase the desire to buy and ease the decision-making process.


Final Word


If you wish to maintain good relations with customers, you should try to keep them on the top of the list. Always try to surprise them by coming up with sales’ offers on different occasions. These occasions can include birthdays, holidays or the long-time silence of customers. These are signs that it’s the proper time to give a new life to the relations by coming up with discounted offers.   

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