Over 13 Relevant Solutions for Your Core Management Problems


We always meet various problems during our management process. At first, they seem ordinary to us. However, if they are solved in wrong ways they might ruin the whole business. This kind of accident happens especially with startups. Thus, this post includes two major core management problems and their 16 solutions.

Key Management Problems

Even a great marketing strategy has some gaps such as management problems that you are going to deal with. Here are the most common ones.

1. Confronting an Employee Performance Problem

Managing process sometimes gets complicated. As a leader of a team, you’d like your team to work together in order to succeed. However, in many cases it gets hard to complete this task. Unfortunately, every employee might occasionally have a bad day. But if you see constant changes in an employee’s behavior or productivity, you might deal with work performance problem.

6 Most Effective Solutions to this Problem



It doesn’t matter in which company this problem occurs. Almost in all cases, bad workplace behavior can reduce productivity, damage team morale and impact the organization’s bottom line. So, you should worth addressing the behaviors promptly and professionally.

  • Document the behavioral problem 

If the behavior of your employee violates organizational policy, such as poor attendance, start to monitor and document it. For example, start to keep a record of the times the worker arrives at work.

  • Reinforce your organization’s policies

If you find that your staff has no desire for following the mission statement of your firm, send out a memo or email to them referring to your organization’s specific policy on this issue.

  • Supportively confront the employee

If you get the exact causes of the behavior of your employee, set up a private meeting to discuss the issues. Talk with him or her about the present evidence of the specific work performance problem. Discuss the ways of making it better.

  • Take disciplinary actions as indicated

Try to organize an appropriate type of disciplinary action such as performance improvement plan, written warning, suspension, etc.

  • Monitor the employee’s compliance

If you already implemented an improvement plan try to monitor all the results and continue the improvement process if the problem is not completely solved.

  • Refer to the EAP

Offer the no-cost services of the EAP (by calling 1-800- 222-0364) for confidential counseling support. This can help an employee get back to work.



2. Terminating an Employee

If you are already terminating an employee it means that you don’t see any better solution than this one. The point is that it can cause lots of problems if not done correctly.

Here are 7 options to do it in the correct way

1. Fire an Employee Meeting him/her Face-to-Face

“They didn’t give any reason or warning. I was fired via voicemail after 4 years. And what is ridiculous, the management told all of the employees that I had quit.” Forget about any electronic option such as emails, IM’s, voicemails, or phone calls. Firing an employee demands a more coherent way of doing it. Even a letter is considered an inappropriate option in this case.

2. Don’t Fire an Employee Without Warning

You would rather not close your eyes on the employees’ feeling that he/she got fired with no warning. There is no need to make them feel blindsided when fired. Unless the problem is connected with an immediate, egregious act, the employee should receive coaching and performance feedback over time. Trying to determine about the causes of the employee fail makes you a better leader. So, before firing them think about the main cause and inform them about it as well.

3. Don’t Fire an Employee Without a Witness

It is not a secret that anyone can sue anybody, at any time, for any reason. The employee might find a lawyer to win the case if there is a problem like employment termination. So, the best method is including another employee in the meeting when you fire an employee.

4. Don’t Supply Lengthy Rationale and Examples for Why You Are Firing the Employee

“Why?” What to answer the employee when he or she is asking about the cause of their termination. At first, do not forget that you have coached and documented their performance over time and provided frequent feedback. It is pointless to rehash your dissatisfaction during the meeting with an employee. It accomplishes nothing and is cruel. That means, you’d better have an already prepared but honest answer to satisfy their whys.

5. Don’t Let the Employee Believe that the Decision Is not Final

In the first place, the employees don’t believe that you will fire them. In many cases, when they deserve to be fired, don’t allow anyone to believe that your decision is not final. They should understand that there is no way to affect your decision. So, during the meeting your approach to the employee should be with kindness, concern, and respect. However, do not forget that your words should be as straightforward as possible.

6. Don’t Allow the Employee to Leave with Company Property in his/her Possession

The solution is an obvious one. Just ask the employee to leave all the equipment he had received for the work. These include: his or her key, door pass, badge, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

7. Don’t Allow the Former Employee to Access his Work Area or to See the Coworkers

In this case, employees might be visibly upset. They might even cry when they are fired. So, worth their dignity and don’t make them visible for your other employees. Organize the final meeting at weekends or after the work. It is advisable to keep calm and peace at your workplace.

A Significant Clue for Finding a New Employee

After firing an employee, you might need another one to replace him or her. I recommend you to use one of the most modern tools over the Internet. It is simple to use. Just make a popup on your website informing about the need for a new specialist. Enjoy your responses!

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