Practical and Proven Strategies to Convert your Leads into Customers

“No one likes to feel that he or she is being sold something or told to do a thing. We much prefer to feel that we are buying of our own accord or acting on our own ideas”. Dale Carnegie


Have you ever heard retailers muttering because somebody asked the price of an item and didn’t buy it? Well, we are sure that most of you did as this is one of the most real-life situations you are most likely to encounter in the retail market. Now, can you imagine the same attitude on the online platform with an expression that sounds like “Do you intend to buy the items you keep viewing over and over again”? Have you ever received such kind of a message online? If you did receive, this was surely a humor as it sounds too ridiculous. Certainly, urging your leads into buying from you is not a professional attitude, provided that this method never works. Thus, for lead conversion, you will need to have an implicit psychological impact combined with really beneficial sales’ offers. If you can do this along with the application of different marketing strategies, your leads will move smoothly through your sales’ funnel and finally, get to the bottom. So, if you have set a goal to realize lead conversion, here are several effective approaches:

1. Getting leads and turning them into customers all at once with a single message is a brilliant opportunity for you to avail of. Most often, you can do this through a compact subscription popup window like this:



The idea is that you offer 15% discount on condition that your visitants subscribe to your mailing list. Applying this approach, you benefit in two ways simultaneously. Firstly, you will have a targeted audience for enforcing email marketing strategies in the future and then, there is a good chance to reach your initial goal of lead conversion. To achieve this, make sales from time to time. Don’t hesitate considering the upcoming international holidays like the Black Friday, the Cyber Monday, Christmas and the New Year as a brilliant opportunity for making sales’ offers.

2. Secondly, collect your leads’ database beforehand and then start applying strategies in order to convert them into buyers. Specifically, you can give a start to this process through inviting visitors to join your mailing list and later on through making useful offers. In addition, you can use your business pages on the socials to get more friends and followers and share your updates with them. Thus, when you have a number of interested and targeted leads, the best solution to convert them via making sales from time to time and integrating some mechanisms of psychological impact. Namely, making a sale you should consider including some kind of a limit to your offer. Accordingly, when your website visitors see that the offer is going to end soon, they will hurry up to avail of it. For this purpose marketers often use the countdown option – a six-digit window with the numbers decreasing as the time passes showing the sale’s termination.



3. Finally, the third approach is about preventing your leads from abandoning their shopping cards. Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them”. As you may already know, the reasons for abandoning shopping carts can be very different – both objective and subjective ones. Of course, you can’t do anything with the subjective reasons like when someone has left his or her shopping cart because they were only making a research for buying later. However, when the reasons are objective and basically have to do with shipping, security, checkout, return policy issues or the like, then you will have to figure out the problem. Correspondingly, if abandoning the shopping card is conditioned by the unfavorable shipping expenses, you could come up with an exit-intent popup to bring back your potential customers by making a better shipping offer. Or else, you can consider making discounts if you think the reason your customers are leaving their shopping carts might be because the prices are not so affordable.


In conclusion

You may have many leads but if they are not targeted ones, it will be very difficult to convert them into customers. So, creating favorable circumstances for lead conversion should start by targeting those leads. Later on, in order to convert your targeted leads into buyers, you should be making sales occasionally, meanwhile trying to have a psychological influence on your potential buyers. This way, either by inviting them to join your mailing list to get a discount for their first purchase or taking their emails for periodically making exclusive offers, you will manage to add up the number of leads actually making a purchase. In addition, you can make use of another strategy which supposes trying to prevent your visitors from performing certain actions like abandoning their shopping carts. Just make use of the exit-intent technology to offer a solution to the problems your site visitors might be facing. As you can see, lead conversion is quite possible if you apply the correct approaches and follow the correct steps. All you need to do is to ensure applying customer-focused culture in your online business.

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