Review. The complete WordPress user management plugin: User Meta Pro

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You might have tried a number of user management plugins and every time a thought might have crossed your mind, something is missing there, it can’t fulfill all raw needs. Well then you have this one, User Meta Pro plugin. It comes up with all basic features related to user management with a higher degree of functionalities.


With vast amount of options, a plugin normally gets little bit complicated which is literally not true in this case. It is comfortably accessible with friendly interfaces, even a newcomer can use it with ease. Only the dark side of this plugin is everything does not come to you without spending some cash. You have to pay a reasonable amount of money for some pro features.

So what are those attractive features we are shouting about?

  • Front-End Registration with Extra Fields
  • Role Based User Profile
  • Extra Fields on Profile Front-End & Back-End
  • User Login with Several Configurations


  • Forms with Customized Fields
  • Rich amount of usable extra fields
  • Front-end custom user login by username or email
  • Front-end lost password and reset password
  • Bulk users import/export from/to csv file with extra fields


  • Email verifications and admin approval on user registration
  • Fully Customized Email Notifications
  • Customized email sending with default or extra fields content to each email
  • Role Based Redirection & many more…

Don’t you think this plugin is worth giving a try? It can be whispered to you, it won’t be a matter of regret if you get a copy of this plugin from User Meta.

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