Security Ninja is Free Now!

Great news for Ninja fans!

Web Factory has just released Security Ninja as a free WordPress plugin which has been $12 on Envato for years! Now it’s available for anyone and you don’t have to pay for its amazing features! Just install it for Free and enjoy!

Here’s the video tutorial of installing and using the plugin (now free):

Ass soon as you install and activate the plugin you can Analyze your site. Then you can check out Test’s details and get some help concerning the usage. You’ll have an opportunity to enable remote access. It enables you to control Security Ninja related function on multiple sites from one centralized location using the Security Ninja Dashboard plugin. Instead of having to login to multiple WordPress sites you can easily monitor, guard and maintain them from a single location.

Another perfect tool is Core Scanner. It compares all your core WordPress files (800+) with the secure master copy maintained by So with one click you will know if even a byte was changed in any file. If so you can recover it immediately. This is perfect for restoring hacked sites!

Then comes the Malware Scanner. This is an add-on for Security Ninja that scans all of the plugin, theme and custom wp-content files as well as the options database table in search for malware and other suspicious code.

Next is Scheduled Scanner.  This an add-on gives you an additional peace of mind by automatically running Security Ninja and Core Scanner tests every day. So if any changes occur or your site gets hacked you’ll immediately get notified via email.

And the last great tool is Events Logger, which  is an add-on that monitors, tracks and reports every change on your WordPress site, both in the admin and on the frontend. More than 50 events are instantly tracked with all details!

If interested, go ahead and try it! 😉


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