Understanding Website Backup

Do you want to secure your site against data loss, crashes, and hacking? The concept of website backup is among the best solutions that comes to serve this purpose.

Let’s explore types of websites and how they are differentiated before going on with the process. Thus, some websites have databases, whereas others don’t have databases.

Nowadays, almost all up-to-date websites have databases. These sites have been created through WordPress, Magento, as well as other content management systems. There are pages, service information, comments, articles, etc. in the database. The whole information such as scripts, icons, layout, styles, images, is maintained in the files of the site. The latter are interrelated with the database.

Nonetheless, considering security precautions, the backup of website files and databases is performed disjointly. For this reason, the backup is done in two phases, that is, copies of a database and website files are done disjointly.

Websites with no database are small sites based on HTML and CSS making use of extra scripts. Backing up these sites is easier, as one merely needs to save all the site files.


The notion of website backup


Website Backup is maintaining data files – databases and site files for security reasons.


Service providers


It’s web hosting providers that offer backup services. This means that a copy of the site and the database is generated automatically. For example, this may be done once a day. What’s more, the frequency of website backup can be checked on the web hosting control panel.

These automatic backups are stored in a separate place, so they do not occupy much of the disk space allocated to sites. Such kind of backups can be full or partial, which is dependant upon hosting service support.

It is also possible to create backups on one’s own. However, manual backups like these will be stored next to your website and take up disk space. That’s why it is advisable to transfer a copy to a computer after making one.


The frequency of creating a copy


In case you wonder of the frequency of backing up a site, we recommend you to do it once in a week. Additionally, make a copy of any updates, as well as experiments on the website.

As a rule, crashes in the database take place seldom. Problems concerning site operability are caused due to a file conflict

Therefore, many site owners make backups regularly. Nevertheless, working with separate files, they just make their copies.


The number of copies


In spite of the fact that the quantity of copies depends on a business’s specific needs, it is advisable to store the backup in several places. Anyway, ensure the previous copy is not merely overwritten. Because in case data is lost during transmission or a damage has occurred to the file, previous backups can be applied.


The use of backup methods

There exist many ways to back up a site. Use plugins, hosting tools, service providers to achieve this goal. The latter enable creating backups both in automatic and in manual mode. So, opt for the one that will serve a website to the best.


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