Provoke the Excitement of Winning Through a Popup

People play games for the feeling of excitement that playing brings about. Of course, players are excited because they strive to win in the game. Winning increases the level of dopamine in brain which in its turn boosts confidence in people so they are eager to achieve more success.

When choosing a type of advertising for your business it would be useful to consider the peculiarities of human nature. It follows that you should make use of psychological influence of winning, i.e. the excitement you can possibly bring about in visitors. Now, this can be achieved through a smart online marketing tool – the popup strategy.

In the online marketing industry there exist various types of popups. Each of these popups serve a particular purpose. Some popup types can get users actively sharing your offers on the social networks. Others aim to help site owners build and grow their mailing list, or make it easier to get in touch with them. Still others can provoke some kind of a feeling in visitors in order to attract more customers. For example, countdown popup incites a feeling of urgency in visitors. It displays decreasing numbers that denote the termination of the offer. As a result, the visitors of the site are in a hassle to avail of those offers until the sale is over.

Spin to Win with Spinner Popup

If you want to inspire the excitement of winning in visitors, come along to explore one of the high-converting popups. Thus, the coolest popup type that arouses such feelings is the Spinner popup. Just use this popup type to give visitors a chance of winning a discount or a free shipping opportunity. Select one of the alluring templates and set the possibility of winning in percentages. Then, place the popup on your website. This way you will give visitors the opportunity to feel lucky getting a special discount. The fact is that people give priority to sales’ offers that are addressed to them especially. So, winning a discount your potential customers will feel as if it’s their success, their prize. Thus, they will be happy to avail of the opportunity.

Add Subscribers Through “Subscribe to Win” Template

What’s more, you can use the Spinner popup to make users excited to give their contact information, subscribe to your newsletter and get a chance of winning. The prize can be a discount or a free shipping opportunity. Just fill in your email address and click the “Subscribe to Win” button. You can set the possibility of winning a discount in the Spinner popup configurations. You can also determine the amount of the discount. It can be a big one or not that much. Even if your visitors don’t win any discount or a free shipping opportunity, you will have their contact information. So, you can occasionally send them special offers and promotions.

To Wrap It Up

Considering nuances like the peculiarities of human psychology and physiology you will certainly get an advantage over your competitors. That’s why these techniques are widely used in online marketing to inspire users to take an action. So why not miss the opportunity to bring about excitement of winning in your visitors and give them a special discount or a free shipping opportunity? When they spin the wheel and win, they will be motivated to avail of the opportunity making your conversion go sky-high.

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