What Kind of Tool to Choose for Your Marketing Process


Paralysis by analysis. I’ve totally been there, so many times. Choosing a cloth to wear, choosing a new smartphone, or even choosing the best social media marketing tool. When it comes to the point of choosing a tool for your business, there are lots of great options, so many breathtaking, time-saving features, it’s a tall task to know exactly what’s right for you. The tool you choose is often a key element when it comes to achieving your social media marketing goals because it can help you improve and develop traffic and participation.

Each tool has its advantages and definitely, there’s no one ideal tool for everyone. So in this article, we are going to discuss how you can choose the perfect one for you and how you can choose the best social media tool for your business. If you’re someone like me, your first instinct is likely to start researching right away! After making lots of mistakes along the way, you will come to the point where you realize there’s another approach that can be much less stressful – and more effective.


It is better not to jump straight into research – which often contributes an enormous number of options to choose from. It is helpful to start by getting clear on your own priorities and aims first. To be sure about the needs of your team and what’s most important to you. From there on you’ll have an exact baggage of criteria to measure your choice once you start researching, evaluating options, and referring features. To help you with making an informed decision and find the tool that is really good for you, I would love to share a few thoughts that will surely be helpful to consider.


3 questions to help you define your social media goals

1. What are you looking to fulfill with your social media marketing exertions?

What are your goals? Do you want to increase brand popularity? Or do you want to raise the traffic of your site? Or perhaps you wish to increase sales due to your content? What result do you hope to get from the time and effort you give to the social media? All social media tools excel at certain things. And if you are not sure what your aims are and what you want to get, it may be a bit difficult and challenging for you to find the right tool.

2. What made you begin looking for a new tool?

You didn’t have the best experience with your existing tool, and it inspired you to think about looking for new options. What was your experience? Was there something that disappointed you? Something you would love to do that you did not? If you want to end up with the perfect tool for your team, find the main reason why you started looking for another tool. The goal at this point is to help you find the most suitable product that will lead to solving those problems and let you do the things you weren’t able to do before.


3. What do you want your social team to do with the selected tool?

Your team is going to spend a lot of time using this product. Finding the one that is intuitive, attractive and easy to use will help them save time on not urgent tasks, so they can spend more time on creating better content!

An Example of a Great Tool

If we are talking about marketing and especially social marketing tools, we cannot forget about the latest innovation – the popup strategy. These tools have surpassed all the marketing strategies by allowing the owners of websites to predict customers’ wishes. You can find plugins for crafting popups on WordPress.

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