How to write a Privacy Policy for your WordPress website?

What’s Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a document that explains how an organization handles any customer, client or employee information that’s gathered in its operations. It’s not something to pass over. Your business must follow the policy by implementing necessary security measures to protect your customers’ data.

It declares a party’s policy on how it collects, stores, and releases personal information it collects. It informs the client what specific information is collected, and whether it is kept confidential, shared with partners, or sold to other firms or enterprises. It’s important to have a solid policy not only to avoid trouble but also improve your business-customer relationship.


What to include in the Privacy Policy?

It’s important to have a privacy policy that’s easy to understand for everyone. Customers do care about their information. One of the first and chief things that a visitor does when they visit your website is scan for security, social proof, and your privacy policy. Also, it’s very important to make it clear and extremely easy to understand, as if it’s complicated and messy, your customers might abandon your page and find another company with a similar product that they can understand and trust.

That’s why you need to check the following points to have an appropriate and trustworthy Privacy Policy.

  • Information that you collect about users visiting your website.
  • Easy opting-out and explanation on how it works.
  • Methods used to collect information, e.g. cookies and web beacons, registration, comment forms, etc.
  • Mention all third-party advertisers that are collecting user information on your website like Google Adsense.
  • Include links to the privacy policy of each advertising program you take part in.
  • Add your contact information so that users can reach out if they have questions.
  • State that the policy will be updated regularly, if you’re actually going to. 🙂


How to add a Privacy Policy to your Website?

Follow the steps to create a Privacy Policy page for your WordPress website.

1 . Go to your Pages » Add New in your WordPress admin area to create your new privacy policy page.

2 . Name your page “Privacy Policy” so your visitors can easily find it.




3 . Add your Privacy Policy text (you can take it from any online privacy policy generator)

4. Make sure you add your own contact information and business name before hitting the publish button!


How to add a link to Privacy Policy page in WordPress?

The most common place to add the Privacy Policy is in the footer area of their website. This is very convenient, as the link appears on every page but it doesn’t take space in your main navigation menu. There are several ways to do this, like, adding the link to your theme’s footer.php file. Most WordPress themes have widget areas in the footer. So, you can add a custom menu widget with the link to your privacy policy page in this area. Follow some steps to make this.

1 . Go to Appearance » Menus page and create a new custom menu.




2 . Find ‘Custom Menu’ widget under the list of available widgets.

3 . Select the custom menu you created earlier in the widget settings and then click on the save button.



That’s it, you have successfully added a privacy policy page to your WordPress site!


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